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All Content on This site is not meant to injure, humiliate, defame or in any other way harm any Reader whatsoever. Should the Reader decide to use, act upon or act out this Content, he/she does so at his/her own risk. Should you find any Content offensive, please Contact me, and upon stating what the offensive Content is and a valid reason for offence, I will remove that Content.

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The Namibia Map is there as a guide line, and should not be relied upon for navigation at any time. Use of content on the Namibia Map is subject to the conditions, rules, terms and privacy policy of maps.google.com.

The Photographs are hosted on www.namib.smugmug.com and use, purchase or downloading of ANY of these Photographs are subject to the conditions, rules, terms and privacy policy of the Photograph Host - www.smugmug.com.

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